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Monday, 30 May 2011

Educating the masses.

  That is the target for nationalism, and it will take some time to achieve, but educating you in the ways of LibLabCon cheating is perhaps the best way to open eyes and minds to what is really happening today.

 Right, so you will have read me on numerous occasions blaming the politicians for all sorts of unacceptable behaviour, so I thought it might be time to provide you with conclusive proof of what I say, though this might involve you having to look up a couple of websites.

  Here's your starter for ten.


  This harmless sounding term is one of the most damaging of the EU's programmes currently running in this country. It refers to the fact that this programme is used by parliament to fast track unpopular EU laws and regulations through the House of Commons, without having to come before the MP's for scrutiny. Instead, it is muscled through without your representatives getting even a say on it!

    And it gets worse. This programme has also been used to pass laws and regulations through parliament when it is in recess!

 This is who I contacted about Override when it first came to my attention, check out what she has to say.

  Now, I want you to consider the two most damaging policies the government has at the minute- that's our enforced membership of the EU, and unlimited and endless immigration- and think about how these two policies help us. Do they make for more stable communities, or do they unsettle communities that have existed for hundreds of years?

  How does stuffing this country full of third world immigrants- and without our consent!- make our communities stronger or more cohesive?

IT DOESN'T! that is the simple answer. If the only people in England were the English, and we were represneted by the colour blue, the entire map of England would be blue.

  Start cto introduce foreigners into the map, and colour them red, what you have is spots of red appearing in a sea of blue. Now give it a couple of years of insane immigration rules, and what used to be a united and solid blue map is fractured in hundreds of places with red shards that represent cultures and traditions directly at odds with our own.

  Here are a couple of the cheats that the establishment use to kid you into thinking things are better than they are.

       When accepting immigrants into this country, Labour used to list the applicants name as an immigrant, but not those of the family members! So the fathers name would go on the list as an immigrant, but the wife and children were not listed! This is why Labours figures on immigration are distrusted by everyone, and why no-one knows the true size of Britains immigrant population!

      The LibLabCon will tell you that, for instance, 300,000 immigrants have arrived in this country this year.
      What has really happened is this. 500,000 immigrants have come into this country, but 200,000 Brits have upped sticks and left, so the establishment simply subtract the numbers leaving from the numbers coming in, and proclaim that to be the immigration figure for the year.
 What it means is there are 300,000 extra people in the country, but 500,000 extra immigrants in the country!

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