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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

City council or Staffs police, which is the most incompetent?

  I get sick of listening to the likes of Joy Garner banging on about how much they have achieved for this city, when they haven't achieved a bloody thing, Sutton is another making out he's worked 24/7 for the city, but as I visited a street in the middle of Goldenhill, a quiet street where half the houses are boarded up, I spoke to several people, one of whom was a curly haired bloke with a sense of humour, and bruises all over his body, including a shiner.

Him and his neighbours got to telling me about his injuries, and other things, that will have you shaking your head in disbelief.

  He has some mild mental problems, and some mobility problems, and he lives across the way from the Co-op in Goldenhill.
The teenage scum that gather at the back of the Co-op to get drunk and high, like to target him, using him as a punchbag, and worse, for their cowardly attacks.

 Half a dozen times this year they've stolen his crutches, they've hit him in the head with a paving slab- he has the scars to prove- they set his head on fire(!), they've put his windows through and kicked his door in and wrecked the inside of his house, he is regularly covered in bruises from the beatings he takes..........and it is still going on.

  If I get voted in tomorrow, I will be organising a solicitor for him and suing the city council and Staffs police for gross neglect and dereliction of duty, and I will be looking to see if the Co-op play any part in the responsibility for these atrocious acts.

  The cowardly scum responsible for these attacks need to be arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned, and barred from ever coming back to the ward of Goldenhill. Why the city council allow filth like this to remain amongst the decent people of this city leaves me baffled, putting scum like this into our communities will only break them down, so why do they do it?

  The time has come for the city council to make as its priority those decent, law abiding citizens who have suffered so much under the deliberately malfeasant policies of this rotten to the core city council.
I'm tired of hearing about the human rights of this miserable scum, what about the rights of the decent people, the ones that don't use intimidation and violence, that don't ruin daily life for everyone else?

  The tenants of this city have to abide by a long list of regulations in the tenancy agreement, but the city council have managed to slide out from underneath any such duty to the tenants.

 In the interests of fairness, it is vital that the city council produce a declaration that closely echoes the tenancy agreement, and that includes specifics such as, not housing violent, criminal, or anti-social crap amongst the decent families housed on council estates, and that tight rules on the letting of private properties be brought in as a matter of urgency.

 We've got our work cut out, but it is a challenge to be met head on at full steam, this is something we must achieve to save what's left of this city.

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