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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What has the electorate done?

                                    Adolf Pervez, preparing to wreck what's left of this city.

  It just keeps getting worse and worse.
Mohammed Pervez to become Labour leader of Stoke-on-Trent city council.

  This is the man with whom responsibility lies for the next round of cuts, would anyone like to hazard a guess as to which swimming pool he closes this time?
 Or how about the most important historical buildings in the city, like our libraries and town halls, how long before this bunch of pocket lining scum start to rob us of our links with the past?
 There is already talk that Wanger has been sniffing about looking for a deal to be done with Tunstall library, Tunstall baths, and the police station. Right on the road frontage, it would make a splendid spot for a mosque.

  Stoke library has been given over to some communist union, this is besides the £286,000 paid to union officials out of public funds, and Burslem library is almost certain to be one of the first victims of voting in a foreigner to run this city council, a man with no connection, no affection, for this city, or its natives.

  This refusal of the people of Stoke-on-Trent to invest just a little of their time in voting, is going to bring a barrelful of grief to to those of us that did bother, but I suppose if you can't be bothered to vote, you won't be bothered by the adverse affects of your decision.

  Stoke-on-Trent cannot survive another 4 years of the criminal rule of these Labour cheats, people who have wasted £millions, have manipulated contracts to line their own pockets, who have by-passed the regulations to hand contracts out to specifric individuals and companies, who have at every turn done what's best for themselves, not for the people of this city, but the people have just sat by and let this happen, so they have no-one to blame but themselves for the upcoming carnage.

  I think the time has come for those of us prepared to put in an effort to save this city, to re-evaluate the way we do things. Labour lie, cheat, and steal, but it is us nationalists that are labelled the bad guys, it is Labour that break the electoral rules, but it is us that are castigated.
 There's no point going into a fight with your dukes up, if your opponent has a baseball bat, so sometimes it is necessary to adopt your opponents tactics in order to defeat that opponent. I think it is long past time that the far left scum of this city got more than a taste of its own medicine, that there is no point us nationalists sticking to the rules when our opponents cheat at every possibility, and that we should meet their agression and violence and intimidation with exactly the same, only bigger, better, harder.

  This is the way to win back this city, don't sit and take the unacceptable behaviour of a handful of socialist fascists, people that are prepared to force their opinions onto an apathetic public, to lie and deceive in order to get the Labour party elected, time for the gloves to come off, let's see have brave this scum really is when confronted with its own tactics.

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