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Monday, 23 May 2011

This is what our communities have been reduced to.

  This is what 60 years of Labour misrule has done for this country, with a little help from their Tory/Lib Dum mates of course.
Bask in the ruinous behaviour that they have been allowed to get away with, take a look at what decades of lies and deceit have brought us to...............then ask yourselves why you haven't done anything about it.

  We have to change our voting patterns if we are to survive as a nation, and that means pressurising friends and family into getting up and making the effort. Labour got in in Stoke with 45% of a 25% turnout, or less than 12% of the total available vote!
 We can defeat them in the elections, we can then reverse the damage done to this city, but these things can only be achieved with your help.

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