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Friday, 27 May 2011

Where do we go from here?

  After the abyssmal results of the local election that saw Labours cheating of the postal vote once again give them the lions share of the seats in council, us nationalists have to take a long, hard look at the way we do things, and see where improvements are to be made.
                             If this is a symbol of what you love, then it's time to prove it.

  Firstly, all the nationalist groups that operate in the city should gather together and work together. The BNP, or what's left of it, the England First Party, the National Front, even those supporters of the EDL who have a nationalist outlook and who want to save this city from the toilet its rapidly descending into, all these people need to come together and work as one for the sake of the city.

  Labour used telephone canvassing, third party posters, the postal vote, and thugs on the streets to try and intimidate their opponents, with those bloody muslims doing just that. In 2008 they were outside Longton library making threats and telling people who to vote for, and at the local elections just gone, they were up to the same tricks in Tunstall!
Yet despite all these advantages, Labour dragged themselves in with a pisspoor percentage, and it's this that should give nationalists cheer. If these crap results are the best that Labour can achieve with everything in their favour and a system designed to favour them, if we can get the electorate out to vote, they can and will be beaten!

  What the nationalists need to do is expand the fight. We need to take these commie scum on everywhere we find them. We need to do the same with Labour, disrupt their meetings, intimidate their members, egg their councillors, and become much more vocal and militant on the streets. Let's see how long these god damned liberal leftists last when good old fashioned nationalists take to the streets and crush their demonstrations.

  And when these soap dodgers come onto our estates with their lies and smears on leaflets paid for by the Labour party, we should take them off them and stuff 'em down the grid, then tell these ar*eh*les to sling their hook before it gets done for them.
This is how the far left got into the position it is now in, adopting the tactics of your opponent is sometimes necessary in order to defeat that opponent!

 And don't forget that all the other parties suffered the same kind of setbacks that we did, this wasn't just some phenomena that struck nationalism.

  We need to stop letting the left use us as whipping boys, even if that means at times rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. If you love this city, this country, as much as you proclaim to, then you shouldn't have any fear or doubts about doing what it takes to win it back!

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