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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Catch up.

 Sorry for not posting, bloody computer packed up on Thursday and I didn't get it sorted until last night.

  Shock horror, it seems that I have upset Labours local propagandist Tony Walley, who has been crying and whinging ever since I suggested that the nationalists in this city use the same tactics as the far left scum here, you know, intimidation, violence, agression. It would seem that they don't mind dishing it out, but they haven't the backbone to take it, they should have thought about that before those disgusting scenes at the Civic Centre on count night.
 At the next election, we'll pack the count out with English nationalists. It was like an election in a foreign country with all those muslims in there, and a muslim security company letting them in from outside. This city council really is a disgusting set of sellouts.

  They have had an inauspicious start to their new term as well, having put in a gagging order in the new councillor packs, Pervez's refusal to re-look at the cuts made, and now they want to close public toilets in the parks at weekends!
  And remember, this is just the start of what is going to be a long and painful process for this city, but I have to say this is what you let happen by sitting at home watching the telly instead of investing ten minutes to vote.
This bout of laziness is going to cost you dear; is going to cost all of us dear.

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