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Friday, 6 May 2011

How stupid are the people of Stoke-on-Trent?

  This morning, after the election, Labour are crowing over having control of Stoke-on-Trent city council once again, and in spite of already destroying most of the city, the electorate of Stoke-on-Trent have allowed them back in, not by voting for them, but by not bothering to vote at all.

  I think the average turnout for the election was 25%, that means that 3 OUT OF EVERY 4 VOTERS, DID NOT BOTHER TO VOTE!!

  How the hell are we to change the fortunes of this city when the lazy and stupid people won't even make the effort to put their mark on a piece of paper?!

  Labour combined forces with the ethnic minorities around the city because they know that the ethnic minorities will work together, stick together, and vote together, this is why the muslims had such an excellent election last night, they put the effort in and were rewarded for it!

  This is a major self inflicted wound by the majority of the voters in this city. Labour now have a crushing majority and there is no-one to challenge what they do or how they do it, and you can expect to see the immigrant population of this city continue to rise at an increased rate, you can expect to see more of the money from the public purse headed into the bme communities, and you will definitely see more of the Labour closures that have removed services and amenities from the public. They've closed our swimming pools, care homes, libraries, schools, and this rolling programme of closures will only get worse.

  But you know what, it serves you right. Every last one of you that didn't vote are responsible for the state that this city is in, and now that you have let the communists in for another 4 years, wait and see what they do to it then!
  So the next time you consider complaining about services from the council, car park charges, increases in your council tax, nothing for the kids to do, just remember that you had the opportunity to do something about it, you just couldn't be arsed.

 Labour didn't win this election, apathy did. 

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  1. hello craig this is one of your posts that i feel able to make a response to as usualy you tend to go off the deep end and to say the least you can be deeply offensive if not boarder line open to litigation ,so here it goes.
    we must all work to raise awareness of what labour are doing to this once magnificent city using our tried aand trusted methods i.e. the leaflet, word of mouth and six monthly/yearly news papers in our target areas.
    also in particular with the efp you must work constantly with the youth and bring them on board to stand next time round and drain all labours youth vote. yes the people of the potteries realy donot have anybody to blame for the misery that will be brought to bear in the next four years by liebor.
    the youth is the key in your areas them praise them work with and show them the righteous path to freedom through the ballot was great to meet you mark and the team and lets hope we can have a good result next time round...god bless andy jones

  2. Andy,
    there's a lot of sense about your political ideas, we've touched on these already, but the youth in particular have an important role to play.

    As to your accusations that I am offensive, what the *$$£*"£%^ are you on about? :)

  3. Here's some interesting stuff.
    £27 million was wasted on regeneration, a fact held back by the Labour council until after the election.
    Something else they held back till after the election, another fraud investigation, this time into the Blue Bins fiasco!