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Thursday, 28 April 2011

What this city needs.


  Like everything else these morons have touched, housing in Stoke-on-Trent is in a pathetic condition.
 Charged with renewing the housing stock, this city council have failed abjectly to do so, leaving the city with less houses than it started with!
Labours attempts at improving the housing stock seem to have taken a wrong turn!

   And what few vacant properties the council have are given to outsiders who get to jump the housing list and go straight into a property whilst 11,000 people  have to wait in a queue!
 When you are lucky enough to get a house, the chances are you will have serious scum as near neighbours through the councils diabolical allocations policy.

 Tenants have a long list of rules and regulations in the tenancy agreement, which they must meet, and continue to do so, yet where are the councils obligations and responsibilities to the tenants?
 Where are the rules and regulations the council have to follow?

 As a tenant, you are not allowed to behave in a criminal manner as it lowers the quality of life of those around you, but along come the council and stick in some right scumbag who turns the area into a crime ridden dump, and nothing is done!
 Why are the council placing these kinds of people in our communities? How does this help to build a stronger community? Why put these people in, then have to go to the expense of gathering evidence for 6 months to get them out?
Surely to God ,the smart move is not to house them in the first place?!

  This city needs to clean up its image if it wants to succeed, and allocations is the first place to start on that journey.

  There has been a terrible outcry over the demolition of character filled terraced houses in and around the city, but one look at them highlights the point they are not up to scratch for the 21st century, but instead of knocking them all down- and there was nothing wrong with most of them-, if you knock down every third house, you change them from terraced to semi's, you retain the character of the buildings, and most important of all, you provide space for off road parking to clear the streets of vehicles!
 This is such an effective, and financially efficient way, of providing housing fit for this century without having to blow £millions, that it beggars belief that it wasn't used to save Middleport, Longport, and Northwood.

  As a member of the Potteries Community Federation, and as a representative of the England First Party, I have been in contact for several years now, with a national house building company that is right at the forefront of technical innovation with it's super efficient insallation and board design.
 Having spoken to them on numerous occasions, they wrote out a dummy contract for me that would have had two and three bed bungalows built to wind and waterproof for £9000!

 The boards, which are pre-constructed, are so energy efficient, they can negate the need for central heating! That's the kind of innovation we should be looking to, that would make a huge difference to pensioners on a limited income.

  They have now gone and made specific designs for social housing.  If we have to invite companies in to rebuild housing in the city, this is who we should be inviting to do it, and with a big enough contract, we could get them to make the panels here in the city, using some of the local workforce to construct them

  It is using imagination that will highlight us as a city council, and it is being highlighted that will bring us to the attention of businesses and investors looking for a place to do business, this is how we will start to improve the reputation of the city. Combined with a zero tolerance policy on anti-social behaviour, we can improve the quality of life for those living in council housing across the city, and the cleaner it becomes, the better its reputation becomes, the easier it will become to fill up the vacancies in our communities with decent, law abiding people.

 All these things are tied together, yet get one of these things right, it will have a knock on effect throughout the other areas, get them wrong, and you only have to look at the state this city is now in to know just what a disastrous effect it can have on peoples lives.

 This is what the England First Party will push for, clearing our communities of scum, improving the allocations system, improving the quality of life for the citizens.

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