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Monday, 18 April 2011


  As some of you might know, I'm standing for election to council in the ward of Sandyford and Goldenhill, and as a registered candidate, I was invited to answer a long list of questions for the website MyTunstall. I answered the questions fully and sent them back, where they were posted up for public consumption, the people of the ward seeing my answers, and having the chance to comment on them.

  But then a problem began to arise.

 The site owner, Matt Burke, started to edit my comments and responses to what was being said about my replies. I questioned him on this practice, I told him it was unfair for everyone to have the freedom to comment, but to stop me from doing so, and eventually he relented.

 But now, just a few short days on, my comments are once again not being posted, and he is ignoring my e-mail requests for an explanation why.

 But I know why.

                                      Caught up in the web of Labour propaganda and lies, Matt Burke.

  Talk About Local was a Labour government scheme run by a Cabinet office employee named William Perrin. Mr Perrins job was to build a countrywide network of local websites and radio stations, through which the Labour party could disseminate propaganda- or in real English, lie through their teeth in order to boost the Labour party's standing!

  That's it, that is how simple the scheme was, supply the technical know how and funds to build this network.
The pit'n'pots website of Tony Walley and Co is also part of this socialist lie machine, only the owner of p'n'p, Mike Rawlins, is employed by William Perrin!
  So Labour have been busy building up their election lie machine, and once again, I find myself caught up in it!

   If these local websites refuse to play with a straight bat, then I will have to fight them through this site and the PCF, because this appears to be the only way I can have a right to reply.

  Joy Garner has made comments about me being uncaring over her husbands health issues- he has something wrong with his leg- and this has been used as an excuse for him not to answer the questions that were put to the candidates, and not to attend the two public meetings that were arranged to introduce the candidates.

 Joy says in her post that he could lose the leg, or even his life!

 So I said, what the hell is he doing running for public office if he is so ill? How can he represent the public if he is bedridden?
  And on the SAGE site- Sandyford and Goldenhill- he claims that between now and the election, he will be out campaigning with another Labour loser, Joan Whalley!

  Now which is it, is he close to death with his poorly leg, or is he going to be out campaigning in the ward?
If he can't attend the meetings through illness, why has he lied about campaigning in the ward, or is he going to campaign in the ward and he's lying about the leg?

                              Joy Garner, her husband doesn't have a leg to stand on, pardon the pun!

  I am deeply disappointed in Matts lax attitude towards my comments, leaving them so long before posting them gives the impression that I don't care, or worse can't defend myself, against the snidey remarks and allegations of these unprincipled and moralless people, something which is definitely not the case, worse still is when he refuses point blank to post my comments at all, here's an example of one he has failed to post, yet given no explanation as to why.
  This guy Jon took exception to the national manifesto of the England First Party, I've posted that up first.

 1) An independent English Nation.
 2) An English parliament in a federal British Isles.
 3) Stop all further immigration.
 4) British jobs for British workers.
 5) The return of Capital punishment.
 6) The restoration of corporal punishment.
 7) Withdrawal from the European Union.
 8) Bring our troops home, they are needed here.
 9) Teaching of traditional English history in our schools.
10) Support for the traditional family unit.

 My reply to Jon's post.

       what are you on about now?

 Talking of civil rights, where are the civil rights of the English?
We have had unlimited immigration and membership of the EU forced on us by a corrupt political establishment that has no interest in what is best for the country, solely what is best for itself.

 At no time have the people of this country ever had the opportunity to vote as to whether or not they want this immigration, neither have they had the chance to vote as to whether they want to be members of the EU money pit, this too has been forced on them by politicians that are working to their own agenda.

  Any talk of losing jobs through removing ourselves from the EU is ridiculous, cutting ourselves off from the unelected communist thieves of the EU would be the making of this country.

  So any bad things you might hear or read about me, take with a pinch of salt until you have confirmed it with me, if it's true, I'll tell you so, I have nothing to hide.

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