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Monday, 11 April 2011

They're getting desparate now!

  Tony Walley, Mike Rawlins, and their website.

  Never in the history of mankind was a man more aptly named than Tony Walley, unless they make the word arsehole a surname, in which case I shall be challenging him to change his name!

  Mike Rawlins, owner of the pigs n pogs website, claims like Walley to be politically unaffiliated, yet works for a man that worked in the cabinet office during Labours disastrous reign.

  Their website is part of a set up from a group called "Talk about Local." They claim this too is politically unaffiliated, yet Common Purpose and Labour interference run right through this organisation, and as we know, Common Purpose is a Labour created secret society like the freemasons, only they are politically motivated.

  The funding for Talk about Local comes from Labour quango's and politically correct liberals like Advantage West Midlands and Channel 4's i 4, or Screen West Midlands. What it equates to though, is this funding is public money, your money.

  On the website MyTunstall, I was invited to answer questions as a candidate for the Sandyford and Goldenhill ward, questions posed by members of the public, but when it came to me asking questions of other candidates, I ran into trouble with the websites owner.

 Now this only happened after the appearence of that fat, myopic anus, Tony Walley, who posted on the section concerning me and the questions I had asked. Tony claims I lie and deceive, that I am a racist and a fascist, though he always manages to provide no evidence of such things.
 Terry Cope pointed it out to me that if I was these things, how come no-one has ever sued me?

  I have been absolutely scathing over the senior officers who use the city council finances as their own personal slushfund, over their treasonous decisions to jump immigrants over the housing waiting list and straight into houses that haven't even been advertised, despite the fact that strong communities always have a continuance of families that are settled in the area, and I have been equally scathing over the lacklustre and mediocre quality of most of the city councillors, their work ethic and their personal behaviour, so why, if what Walley says is true, haven't the establishment come after me?


  Matty Burke, that runs the MyTunstall website, is being unduly influenced by the hysterical rantings of Walley and the mongrels that push this PC communism! Stand firm Matt, don't let these Labour losers take away your integrity by stealing your neutrality, open and honest debate is vital to the survival of our city.

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  1. Craig, Everything you say is [TRUE] in your post about Tony Walley / is the [TRUTH] Mike Rawlins /is the [TRUTH] also what you say about [PITS AND POTS] / is the [TRUTH], and what you say in about / [COMMON PURPOSE]is the [TRUTH] in respect of council house , allercations being given to people not on the council waitting list /and not of this city is a [FACT]-again -the [TRUTH] this is the policy of the OFFICERS OF the CITY COUNCIL, and the policy of the LABOUR RUN COUNCIL, OF OUR CITY. My advice for what it may be worth is , THE ESTABLISHMENT WILL NO COME AFTER [YOU] DUE TO THE [FACT] YOU ARE TELLING THE [TRUTH], I do not belong to any political party, but after reading your Questions and Answears on the web site of [MY TUNSTALL] I will be contacting you to join, the [ENGLAND FIRST PARTY], I hope that you become a city councillor this city needs people like you who tell the [TRUTH]

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence Rich, let's just hope the people of Sandyford and Goldenhill feel the same.:)

    I feel there is so much we could potentially achieve as councillors, and access to the inner sanctum would give me the chance to attack these crooks with the information and personnel I don't have access to at the minute.

  3. How many blogs have you done Craig for the PCF and England First sites?
    How many times have you been threatened with the Law?
    How many times have you been sued ?
    I've always believed you get sued if you lie?
    I rest my case.