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Thursday, 21 April 2011

What we want for this city.

  England First Party are standing in the upcoming elections with the sole purpose of changing how the city council is currently mismanaged, from finances to education, through to parks and play areas, but there are key areas we must focus on, and the first two are clawing back control of the city council from the council officers to the elected councillors, and the allocation of council property throughout the city.

  City councillors need to have control because they are elected by the people to run the city, and you cannot run the city with someone else calling the shots, so the delegated powers that council officers use must be removed.

  The England First Party, Stoke-on-Trent, believe that solving the gross ineptitude of the councils allocations policy is vital to the success of the city. How many times have community groups and residents associations fought for funding to provide playgrounds and recreational areas for the young, only to have them wrecked by scum the second they are completed?
  And this is a very regular problem, so why not sort out problem tenants and fresh allocations with an eye to reducing trouble in a certain area?

  The city council have the right to do background checks on prospective tenants, so introduce regulations along the lines of;

 You will not be housed in a council property if,

 1) you have in the past 5 years received a conviction for drugs/drug dealing,
2) you have in the past 5 years received a conviction for violence,
 3) you have in the past 5 years received a conviction for anti-social behaviour.

 Straight away, this reduces the city councils responsibilities toward those that cannot behave in a civilised manner, and immediately means that the community will become a better place to live, especially if there is a rolling programme of evictions for nuisance tenants.

  I am sick to death of hearing about the human rights of the scum we have, the focus of the city council should be aimed primarily at the decent, law abiding residents, and it should be about providing them with the best quality of life available. That quality will not be achieved by housing the sort of dross this city is littered with, or by the way they are selected for housing. Houses should be allocated according to your connection to the city and the community of which you want to become a part.
  As long as you are law abiding, you should be head of the housing list for property if you have this kind of ancestral longevity, your connections to the city are strongest, you get to be housed first, instead of the pisspoor system that operates at the minute, where as long as you are foreign, or have no connection to the city at all, you will get whatever you want.

 I find it particularly galling to see asylum seekers and refugees getting whatever they want from the public purse and the city council, but our sons and daughters are refused places in the city, despite them being connected to the place through family history!

  These two policies are the first in a long line of required changes in order to bring back some semblance of common sense to the city council, and the strengthening of our communities by re-introducing the idea of family and tradition as the starting points of housing people within them.

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