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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mr Griffin what have you done?!

  Against all advice, from members and officers alike, Nick Griffin chose to ignoresuch sensible options as settling out of court, and chose instead to crash headlong into the legal system with his fight against the ex-BNP members known as the Decembrists.

  His arrogance has cost the BNP dear, with the court ruling in the Decembrists favour, and awarding costs of £40k, with a total bill expected to be well over £100k, so all you BNP members had better ready yourselves for the avalanche of begging letters coming to  a letterbox near you!

These two articles fill in the gaps, with one from Eddy Butlers site, the other from the NorthWestNationalists.

Nick Griffin has been ordered to pay the sum of £45,000 toward costs within the next 28 days to the people who have become known as the 'December Rebels'. Steve Blake, Kenny Smith, Ian Dawson, and Nichola Smith.

The balance of the full sum which has not been set yet is likely to be around another  £40,000

More news:

The above does not include Nick Griffin's personal legal bill of around £30,000 which brings the total to £110,000 falling due within the next three months.

Please note:

This case did not involve Matt Single or Sadie Graham.

Decembrists win Court action against Griffin ?
News is spreading round the web that moneylover Nick Griffin has had costs awarded against him of over £40,000+ . Then there's the Court costs.
A sum of well over £100,000 + is highly likely to be the final sum for costs.
It's well known the BNP is skint due to the shambles that Griffin has made of the previously succesful BNP. But like all his other ventures, ex-bankrupt Griffin has again been involved in much financial chicanery to say the least over the last 11 years.
Where this amount of money will come from to pay these costs is limited and unknown. No doubt Griffin will try to pillage BNP monies nationwide. NWN advice is for BNP units to keep a 'safe hidey hole' where Griffin cannot get his grubby hands on their money. Keep accounts secret, so that he doesn't find out about any cash you may have.
Maybe this Court case is one reason that frequent parachutist Griffin, didn't parachute into Oldham once again, to stand in a Parliamentary by-election there. He knew he was going to lose you see.
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