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Friday, 3 December 2010

Who would have targeted the mosque?

   Read the following brief article from tonights Sentinel, about an attack on a bloody big mosque here in Stoke-on-Trent.

sentinel Image: sentinel

Arsonists use gas pipe in plot to wreck Hanley mosque

ARSONISTS have targeted Hanley’s new mosque in a racist attack.
The offenders broke into a nearby building in Regent Road in Hanley and directed a gas pipe into the mosque at around 6.30am.
They smashed their way inside the mosque, taped the pipe across an alleyway and inside the building.
But the fire was put out before there was any explosion.
Chief Inspector Wayne Jones told The Sentinel at a press conference this afternoon: “The perpetrators tried to use gas from premises next door to damage the mosque."
He added: “At this stage we are treating this incident as a racist attack on a religious building.
“I am sure the community are as appalled at this behaviour as we are."
Buy The Sentinel tomorrow for the full story.

  There are a couple of points to be made here.
One, despite their lack of success, top marks should be awarded for originality.
Two, how can you have a racist attack on a religious building? These politically correct morons still haven't got the message that muslims are not a race, so attacks about them are not racist, they are religionist!

If the politicians will insist on withholding our rights to democracy, then people will take matters into their own hands, and bloody good on 'em!
  The two major policy problems with Britain are our enforced membership of the EU, and this unending flood of immigration, and the main similarity between them is the fact that the people of this country have been denied their right to have their say on whether or not this is what they want, so these lying, thieving deceitful gits that masquerade as leaders either give us our entitlement under the rules of democratic principles, or they can expect a lot more of this kind of behaviour, some of which will hopefully be targeted at them!

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  1. So judge ,jury, and executioner Tristram Hunt blames Extremists from EDL?
    This London joker who sticks is mini brain cell into the incident wants to be careful of these inflammatory statements.
    He goes on to say " The response from the community in Shelton has been measured, appropriate and calm, and I would urge them to remain as such?
    Does he believe that they have a reason to cause trouble?
    That being the case can we take reprisals for 7/7 victims by Islamic terrorists?
    He should sod off to where he came from.
    This joke should learn to keep his big gob shut and concentrate with the rest of the MPs in their scams on public money.
    The Sentinel puts BNPs Mike Coleman as "far right politician"?
    From the very first it was reported as "a racist attack" with no proof at all.
    If its proved o be otherwise just watch it disappear off their pages.
    What unbiased reporting "NOT".

  2. First clss comment Terry!
    Tristram Hunt is a knee jerk jerk!

    I believe the idea that it was an inside job may throw light on this, away from that Oxford moron and his labelling of anyone right of Stalin as an extremist.
    You're quite right Tez, he should bugger off back where he came from.
    You know, I'm sure there's someone else that applies to, but I just forget..............

  3. They (Muslims) are calling this "terrorism".
    They should bloody well know they have been carrying out for years only they kill people not break a bloody window and set fire to some rubbish.
    The police are falling over themselves to appease the cries of "I'm a victim wheres the lawyers to claim for my hurt feelings" by flooding the area with Police and resources.
    They have arrested 4 let one go already, and still they throw "our" tax-money at this.
    I'd hate to be one of the three because the 20 police detectives will be breaking their necks to prosecute these whether they are guilty or not to please their PC boss.
    Just a point to remember there were other fires started elsewhere that night but that as disappeared from the report?????

  4. Oh dear the Sentinel once again is missing any reports of the terrorists attack on that bloody eyesore up Hanley.
    I wonder why?????????