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Monday, 13 December 2010

Catching up.

Two bits of information relating to the BNP today, with the first being Mike Colemans failed attempt to get halal meat removed from being served in schools.
8 said remove it, 38 voted in support of it staying. We need a list of those 38 so as to ask their constituents if they agree with this appeasing, animal cruelty stand.

  The second is taken from Eddy Butlers blog, and is a comment left by a BNP insider. What they have to say could be crucial to the BNPs success in the upcoming May elections.

  News that BNP debts are down from £560k To £220k In 3 months is incredible, especially if it were true! The new party treasurer must be growing a nose to rival Jimmy Durante with porkie telling on this scale. Is Clive Jefferson deliberately lying to the Chairman and the party faithful or is he just so stupid he thinks he is telling the truth?

Just a snippet of the real debt mountain currently being pursued:
1) Gilbert Davies solicitors £50.000
2) Romac printers £40.000
3) Mark Collett £25.000
4) Michaela McKenzie (court) £25.000
5) Smith court case (court) £50.000
6) 6 suppliers (high court) £75.000
7) Royal mail (court) £60.000
8) Adlorries (Dowson) £150.000
9) NI contributions (HM government) £60.000
10) Small claims now registered £45.000
11) Current legal bills £30.000

This is not including the £50,000-£100,000 legal bill from the Equalities Commission case due any day now. This could push party debt to over £700,000. This would amount to nearly a million pounds - is Clive Jefferson on drugs? (Not including any recent small “under £5000” debt amounts, this could easily add on a further £30.000)

This is a true account of the full debts the party faces as at this time, December 2010. The claim that the party has cut running costs from £100,000 to £28,000 a month is nothing short of fraudulent or at best the babblings of a treasurer who is so completely incompetent as to risk the party’s future by his obvious lack of basic accounting knowledge and true party expenditure.

Nick Griffin will pay a heavy price for dishing out such ridiculous statements - did he ask Mr. Jefferson to substantiate these figures? Has the scrutiny committee seen any evidence to confirm this economic miracle of the decade? Does Jefferson own a calculator or are these miscalculations the result of him not being able to count his toes as well as his fingers?

I am sure the IMF will be head hunting Clive soon. If only the banking system had a money wizard like Jefferson we would have been spared this recession (or maybe they did)!

As someone once said ‘if you’re going to lie, tell a really big one’ the bigger the lie the more chance people will believe it. “We owe around £650,000 but we will tell the grunts it is only £220,000, who would believe we would dare to lie on such a gigantic scale?”

Clive should have thought this through because when all these start showing up in court papers his deceit or stupidity will be seen and I predict Jefferson will be looking for a job back on the doors again as a bouncer.

 Nick Griffin has to go, though many of us suspect it is already too late for the BNP to be revived to a point where it became electable. A great shame that one man can bugger up an entire movement.

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