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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Understanding the lies.

  Today,  I want to take a look at how certain national policies affect your lives, and why it's all a sham to bust this country up.
  First up, supporting islam and the muslims.

  Over on plips'n'plops, there is a plethora of far left morons who will shout about the rights of muslims in this country. Part of that group is the LGBT, a group for the sexually unsure. Here in Stoke-on-Trent, the Labour lead city council deliberately go out of their way to favour the muslims and to unfairly hold back the indigenous people. The Labour party have also forced through muslims into our supposed democracy, and put them into places of power.
But what happens when the muslims- with the assistance of these local political traitors- finally form a majority on the city council? Will they thank these far left traitors with a seat at the table, or will they drop these white infidels as soon as possible and shoehorn their own people into all available places?
  And why are the homosexual community standing up and helping to force through the rights of these immigrant invaders? It has been made clear on countless occasions that once the muslims hold power, that backward and barbaric religion they follow will be used to clear the communities of homosexuals, it's already happening in Tower Hamlets in London. The homosexuals complain at the treatment dished out by a minority of whites who call them names, these muslims will kill them, and yet still they fight to put in power these immigrants over their own people!
 But if this is what the homosexual community want then that is their choice. The silver lining to this dark cloud is that there is something very attractive in the thought of seeing Mark Meredith dangling from a lamp post.

  Once the muslims hold a majority here in Stoke-on-Trent, what will this herald for the education system?
Our children are already disgustingly forced into eating halal prepared food in schools, so what else will the appeasers of local and national government allow the muslims to get away with? Stoke-on-Trent has already been earmarked as a place susceptible to the growing of muslim terrorists and extremists, so what difference will that make when muslims hold the reins of power?
Will our daughters be forced into wearing the female balaclavas of islam? Will they be expected to dress head to toe in black sheets? Will they be seperated and made to attend their own schools? Will they be forced to listen to islamic assemblies?
  Where will all this betrayal from these Labour party members finally end up putting us?
There was a council vote a couple of months ago as to whether or not halal meat should be banned from being served in our schools to our children, the results are below.

Why did these councillors vote to put halal meat in our schools?

 L to R, top to bottom. Follows, Hamer, Khan, Shotton, Barnes, Fradley, Bridges, Garner, Clarke, Smith.


 Abi Brown (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Adrian Knapper (Labour), Alan Rigby (Christian Independent), Amjid Wazir (Labour), Barbara Beeston (City Independents), Clive Brian (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Dave Conway (City Independents), Debra Gratton (Labour), Denver Tolley (Labour), Duncan Walker (Labour), Gwen Hassell (Labour), Janine Bridges (Labour), Jeremy Dillon (Labour), John Daniels (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Joy Garner (Labour), Kassem Al-Khatib (Labour), Kieran Clarke (Liberal Democrat), Mahammed Matloob (Labour), Majid Khan (Labour), Margaret Barber (Labour), Mark Davis (Labour), Mark Wright (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Matt Wilcox (Labour), Megan Ryan (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Mervin Smith (Labour), Michael Barnes (Community Voice), Mick Bell (City Independents), Mohammed Pervez (Labour), Olwen Hamer (Labour), Paul Shotton (Labour), Rita Dale (City Independents), Ross Irving (Conservative & Independent Alliance), Roy Naylor (Independent), Ruth Rosenau (Labour), Sarah Hill (Labour), Terry Follows (City Independents), Tom Reynolds (Labour), Tony Fradley (Labour)

  Amjid Wazir, Kassem Al-Khatib, Mahammed Matloob, Majid Khan, Mohammed Pervez.

It isn't difficult to understand why this shower would vote for it, afterall it comes from the backward and barbaric cult they follow, but why would the remaining 18 Labour councillors vote for this?!

  We are all familiar with arse kissers like Mike Barnes, without the muslim vote he wouldn't be in the Civic Centre, But Alan Rigby voted for feeding our kids tortured meat, and he's supposed to be a bloody Christian!

  The only people that voted against this disgusting appeasement were the 5 BNP councillors, and 3 community voice councillors. Terry Follows voted in favour of it too, though this isn't the only occasion upon which he's favoured the muslims, is it Terry?

This is disgusting, and I think these useless bloody councillors should be made to explain why they would do something so anti-English as this. If you are unfortunate enough to be represented by one of these sellout backstabbers, be sure to find out why they voted against the English. This time it's food, next time, who knows what they will betray us on.

  This sellout by the far left whites to the muslim community is going to lead to trouble. These communists have no right at all to give preference to immigrants in this country, when the native people have had had no chance to have their say as to whether or not this is what they want!
Immigration has been forced on us by a corrupt political establishment that clearly supports immigrants over its own people, and all this so they can work to their own agenda. 

  Sitting back and pretending it doesn't concern you; like what happened at the last elections, is no longer good enough. Without people to stand up and fight against the fascism of the ruling classes, this country is doomed to becoming another third world ghetto, and the English will be bred out of their homeland and scattered to the four winds.
If that's what you want.................

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