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Thursday, 23 June 2011

It's a bloody good job I don't have a gun!

  Having watched that lying, communist snake Miliband tell us we can't have a referendum on our EU membership, having seen that public school a*sehole Cameron give away £billions to foreigners whilst our armed forces have to endure crap equipment and a constant rolling programme of closures and redundancies that have decimated their numbers, and having listened to Camerons Minime, the fluffy liberal Clegg, land himself right in it by supporting the charging of university students, lumbering them with enormous debts right at the start of their working lives, that's if they can get a job in the first place with 9 out of 10 jobs still going to poxy immigrants, I have to wonder why the British public keep voting them in!

  It's a bloody good job I haven't got a gun!

  Take a look at what these liars and crooks are doing to our country, ask yourselves what kind of a future will your children and grandchildren have if it continues in this way?
The time has come to decide which future you want, the freedoms provided by a truly democratic system of governance, or the violence and subjugation of immigrants and their backward cultures?

Take a look at what this scum have done to our country, let me know how proud you are to be English.

David Cameron to host gay reception at No10

Pub yob sets fire to rabbit

Fears over reaction to damning report into child grooming which shows one in five of those accused is Asian

Pop 'descending into pornography' says songwriter who launched Kylie Minogue's music career

The classes where children as young as THREE learn to pole dance

Police 'covered up' violent campaign to turn London area 'Islamic'

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