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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Traitors to this city.

  I've just been on to the Sentinel website to find they've scrapped the good one they had, and replaced that with something done by an autistic monkey.

  As if that isn't bad enough, the politically correct, Common Purpose moron that has been allowed to run the Sentinel into the ground, has also allowed the politically biased, Labour bought and paid for twits'n'twats website to start publishing their propaganda crap on the Sentinel website too.

  Anyone that knows Tony Walley knows what a bigot and a liar he is, and they will also know the far left, thuggish groups he represents and promotes as well, so why is he being allowed to post articles on the Sentinel website?

 Because the Editor-in-Chief of the Sentinel, Michael Sassi, is part and parcel of the same group!

Let's have a look at what these communists have to say.

"Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the story at all, but the comments left on the website shows that this kind of issue always brings out the extremes in our society."

  Mr Walley opens his account by labelling everyone that doesn't want a giant mosque in Normacot as a racist. This is what he means by extreme. If you don't agree with these arseholes you are clearly a threat to the society they have built.

"The mosque in question will be built to replace the existing mosque on the opposite side of the road, yet you would think that this building was just being planted on the Normacot landscape with no prior history."

Normacot is only getting a mosque because the city council and local media have deliberately turned what was once a lovely neighbourhood, into a muslim enclave. Never have the local people EVER had the chance to have their say on whether or not they wanted all these immigrants, it's just been dumped on us by a communist regime that doesn't give a toss for the local people, but who fawn and capitulate in the most treasonous manner for these third world plunderers.

"This mosque, the land on which it will sit, plus additional land/buildings which will be turned into car parking, has been brought and paid for by members of the Normacot community. There is no council/government windfall that is funding this project, just the hard work and endeavours of the Asian community who want a place of worship that is fit for purpose."

  This is an out and out lie.
In 2004, the North Staffs Race Equality Council had an annual income of just over £1 million.
 In 2005, that income rose to £1.1 million.
 In 2006, 2007, and 2008, the North Staffs Race Equality Council failed to publish ANY accounts at all, despite this being a mandatory clause in their Charity registration, and despite this fact, Stoke-on-Trent city council continued to plough large sums of public money into this body, both in direct and indirect payments!

 During this time of financial unaccountability, the muslim community suddenly found £1.6 million to build that eyesore of a mosque in Hanley, and all from small donations from the BME community.......donations that are untraceable!
 What makes this worse is that the people that were running the North Staffs REC were the same people involved in building the mosque!
Despite numerous appeals to Staffs Police, no investigation has ever been undertaken into the disappearance of up to £4 million from the North Staffs REC accounts!
Despite having sent in a team of people to help cover up what had gone on, Stoke-on-Trent city council have refused to answer any questions on what they discovered, and the missing money is public money, just like the money that will build the Normacot mosque!

The other point to contend here is that if the muslim community want their own schools, their own places of worship, and their own culture, why are they here??

"This new mosque will be an attractive property that will be landscaped, have arched windows and a domed roof with a minaret. In my opinion it will be a vast improvement on what was there previously."


  This new mosque will not fit in at all with the traditional architecture of this city, neither will the 60 foot or so minaret( wailing tower) that will inevitably be built so as to call all these immigrants to prayer. In his opinion, it will be better, just realise that his opinion is that of an appeaser, understandable in a man married to a foreigner.

"And this in a City that has just voted every last politician of a far right persuasion out of the council chamber."

 More propaganda rubbish from the far left!
Labour not only posted out their own leaflets, they had third party posters doing it for them as well. They canvassed by telephone, and I guarantee you they fiddled the postal  vote as they always do, they swamped the count with muslims, and there was at least one complaint made of a counter who had the slips on her knee under the table!!
  This is how Labour won the election, but given all this, they still only managed less than half of the votes cast, which represented 25% of the electorate, or 12% of the potential vote. The campaign against Mike Coleman by the third party posters like Hope not Hate, uaf, norscarf, started 7 MONTHS before the election!!

Labour regained power in the way they do politics, they lied, cheated, deceived. The only winner at these local elections was apathy from an electorate that couldn't arsed to vote.

"The fact is that the Normacot

This is such a big issue Mr Walley, because this is Stoke-on-Trent, not India or Pakistan, so instead of trying to force the culture of these countries onto the native people of this city, why don't you bugger off over there if wailing towers and domed roofs are what you want?

Again we come back to the same point, and that is the indigenous people of our country have not been offered their democratic right to vote on issues that will change their lives permanently. Forcing your multiculturalism onto people might be your kind of political ideology, but this country was built on the principles of democracy, and that means it should be the people who choose, not a bunch of corrupt politicians. or bought and paid for journalists peddling communist propaganda.

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